Use your phone to create passive income

There is a new company that is starting in the mobile advertising space. They are building up their pool of consumers, and when they go live, they will send out coupon offers and such to customers on their phones. At first, these ads will probably be generic ads for various products, but as time goes by, and the concept is proven, mainstream advertisers will jump on board. Though not there yet, this has the potential to be a sort of traveling Groupon thing that sends you up to 5 deals a day, based on where you are. The goal here is to send you a advertisement/coupon/deal/offer for a nearby businesses while you are out shopping, so you will visit businesses you might not normally visit. All you have to do is receive (not read) up to 5 messages a day (you choose how many). You don’t even have to open them!! That’s it.

Now not only does this save you money on things you use everyday, but you get a nickel for each text you receive. I know, big WHOOP, but stay with me. As they say, “Wait, there’s more!”

You also get a nickel for anyone you refer who receives a text. Now, if you and your husband both receive 5 texts a day, you will make 50 cents a day. But it adds up on down the line, 5 levels deep.. You get 5 cents per message for yourself, and anyone you refer. If they refer someone you get 4 cents from them for each message., you get your 5 cents, your friends 5 cents, and your friends friend’s 4 cents. It goes on down, 3, 2, 1.

To put this in perspective, lets suppose you sign up, and refer your friend Tom, Tom. refers his friend Harry, and Harry refers his friend Richard. Richard refers his friend Ramon. And Ramon refers his mother Natasha

If each of you receives 1 text a day, you will make:

Your 5 cents
Tom’s 5 cents
Harry’s 4 cents
Richard’s 3 cents
Ramon’s 2 cents
Natasha’s 1 cent

You total if everyone gets only 1 message a day.
20 cents

Your total if everyone gets 5 texts a day:

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