I have found that a lot of people are just hopeless with computers. Many people hate the darn things, are scared to mess with them, and dread having computer problems.

If you are in this category, I cannot help you here.

I have also found that many people are surprisingly well informed about computers and can often fix their computer with a little help and, if you’ll forgive me, support.

This site is my way of helping those of you who fit into the second category: The computer user with some knowledge who needs a little help, and doesn’t mind rolling up their sleeves and doing the work themselves. I hope this page of free computer repair advice will be of assistance.

This page is especially for the less fortunate users who cannot afford computer repair. Sadly. it is a fact that some people simply do not have the money to pay someone to fix their computer, and need their computer badly. They are looking for help–and probably not finding much. Use the free computer repair help here to clean your computer yourself. I have been where you are, and I offer you no charity, just information. You do the work, and save your money. Maybe you can even make a buck or two helping your neighbors.

By remaining on this site or using the free computer repair help provided here, you agree to do so at your own risk. I assume ZERO responsibility for anyone’s actions, or the results of those actions, that may occur from use of this information.

Please keep this in mind All of this information is information. It is presented in such a way that will help the majority of computer owners try to repair their computer, but it may not apply specifically to your computer or your situation. These are things you can try on your own before you take your computer to a shop,
but these solutions will not work for everyone. You may find that your computer repair is beyond the scope of this site. In this case I urge you to locate a local computer repair shop and follow their advice.

I am laying out common practices that I use in my daily work, but computers are capable of astonishing things,
many of which seem to make no sense at all, and no one can fix everything, especially without looking at it first hand.