Use this procedure to wipe and reload Windows on your computer

Make sure that the only hard drive you have attached to your computer is the one you want to install Windows on. Remove all other hard drives, flash drives, and USB drives. Take your Windows disc and put it in the CD ROM, and reboot your computer. Your computer should boot to the CD (If it doesn’t, you may have to go into a boot menu and tell it to boot to the CD) and give you a message that says “To boot from CD press any key”. When you see this message, tap the space bar, and Windows Setup will start. You will know because a blue screen will pop up labeled “Windows Setup”. There will be a bunch of writing flashing across the bottom of the screen, but eventually you will wind up at a decision screen. Basically it gives you 3 choices: You can install Windows, you can repair Windows from the command prompt, or you can leave setup.

Choose “Install Windows”, and you will get a screen that shows the EULA (End User License Agreement). No one has ever actually read this, so no one knows what you have to agree to, but you have to agree anyway by pressing F8. After you do this, Setup will take off again and end back at the screen you saw before (it is actually different i subtle ways) asking do you want to Install Windows, Repair Windows, or chicken out. (This screen is designed to confuse you into thinking that Setup is in a loop, and your copy of windows is broken, so you will go buy another, or pay someone like me to install Windows for you–but I digress). Choose Install Windows again and Setup will take off again. This time it will stop at a screen showing you which partition it wants to install Windows into.

It should already be in the right place, if not just pick the biggest one, and tell it to

WAIT A MINUTE!! Read this part carefully!!

You are about to erase everything on your hard drive. This is the “Wipe” part of “Wipe and Reload”. You will never ever see anything on your hard drive again if you continue. This is actually what you want, but remember if you wanted to save anything from the hard drive, this is your last chance.


Install windows into this partition. After you choose where to install, you will come to a screen that asks you if you want to format the partition. You will have two choices. You can either do a quick format, or a full format. Choose a Full format. This is when the computer’s hard drive will be wiped out and written over.

As the installation proceeds, you will have to answer some questions such as the date and time, the computer and user name, and the like, Just do these as they pop up and you should have no problem.

After Windows in installed, before you do anything else, you will have to reinstall your drivers, and activate Windows. You may find that your copy of windows will not activate. This happens for a variety of reasons, but as long as you have a legal copy of windows, you can call into the Activation center and speak to someone who will solve the problem. Just choose to activate by telephone, and answer their questions when they join you on the phone. You will need to reinstall all your software, and move everything back that you saved.

After you have drivers and can get on the Internet, install an antivirus program and a anti-malware program. I have some good choices on the recommended software page.

Finally, connect to the internet and get all updates you can find for your system. Be sure to install them, reboot and check for more updates until there are no more available.