Build your own webaite in HTML or WordPress

How to build a web site

If you are interested in getting a website built, you want it for a specific reason. If you know anything about Stupid Damn Computer, you know I believe in helping you learn to how to build a website yourself for free. The truth is building a website does take some knowledge, but making a small site for yourself or a small business is not to difficult for most people.

There are things that you have to come to terms with, to make money from your website, you need your own domain name and hosting. No one is going to take you seriously online if you make a free website.

If you would like to have me build you a free website check the left column of this page

When you pick your hosting company, don’t go with the cheapest you can find, believe me, get someone well known in the business and I do not mean Go Daddy. I only Hostgator, because they host millions of sites, and have unsurpassed support. When you need to get help, they are literally a phone call away 24 hours a day, and know their stuff.

When you go to build a website you need to decide what kind of platform you want to use. Generally today for beginners this means either WordPress or HTML. I use both, depending on what I kind of website I am going to make.

HTML is more difficult than Word Press, but you get a lot more freedom to play with things. WordPress has a smaller learning curve and allows even a new webmaster to get online quickly.

If you are considering WordPress, I have a free course to the left that will take you step by step from getting your hosting and domain name, help you make your own website, to going live on the Internet. There, I teach you how to build a website in 5 easy lessons with video tutorials to help you understand.

For this reason, I am going to deal with HTML first, and the program I am going to use is Web Page Maker.