Al I ask in return for my free computer repair help

BACK UP your computer before you do anything I suggest on this site. Back up your entire computer. Make copies of all your music, video, and pictures, even if you have to burn them all to CD’s. Backing up your computer is the single most important thing a computer owner can do to protect their data. If you do not know how to do this, please see my backup center on this site. Click Here to go to the Backup Center

Throughout this site I will refer to various pieces of software for you to download and use. On my Recommended Software page I have various links to software that I recommend. In some cases there are links for both retail and free versions. This software is the same I use in my everyday work. I ask that you please use the links I have provided for the download, so that I can get credit for it. (I may even make a few bucks).

If you have a problem supporting me in this way, simply do a Google search for the name of the software and the word download. This will take you to other places on the web where the software can be obtained. Either way, I can only vouch for the software I recommend, and if you choose to use some other product, it is fine by me. .

When you get your computer cleaned and working right, install anti-virus software and anti spy-ware software on your system. This is not only the best way to protect your computer but allows you to maintain the computer on a weekly basis. You can leave the software I have you use to clean with, or you can remove my suggestions and install your own. I suggest you purchase E-scan Anti Virus for Windows as minimum protection, and also recommend Malwarebytes Antimalware’s retail version. I also recommend Cleanup! (FREE, we like free!!) to keep your temporary files cleaned out. These three pieces of software I consider indispensable whenprotecting and maintaining your computer clean. Even if you do not take my recommendations, PLEASE, please, use something. I do not recommend Norton nor McAfee.

After you get your computer clean, be sure to UPDATE and then RUN both the anti-spy-ware program and the anti-virus program at least once a week. Every night is better. Just start the scans before you go to bed, and check the results when you get up the next day. Be sure to remove anything found. This does not apply to laptops, do not leave your laptop running unattended. You should run a scan on laptops for every 20 to 25 hours of internet time.

Switch to FIREFOX as your browser. Firefox does not have many of the problems that Internet Explorer does when it comes to spy-ware. I use it myself, install it on my customer’s computers, and I HIGHLY recommend it. It is available on the Recommended Software page.

After you get your computer clean, and all the software installed, BACK UP YOUR SYSTEM.

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