Fix your computer for 40 bucks by someone you can trust

I have made an effort to provide you with enough general information this site to guide you through some of the problems you may have with your Windows computers. These computers can have technical issues that this site cannot cover.
Keeping your computer running right takes more than a few steps, (see the “Speed Up your Computer” page for a few)

The truth is many people do not want to learn how to clean out or speed up their computer, they just want or need it running like it is supposed to, preferably NOW.

The problem up til now is that there was not a 1 stop solution to keeping you computer cleaned out, and optimized to enhance security, privacy, and performance.

But the ever relentless march of technology has solved this issue for the most part and a couple of affordable solutions now exist for the home user that does not involve strangers in their hone, or taking their computer in to a repair shop.

If you have a Widows based computer, and it will get online, this product will clean your computer, and if you hit any snags you can call free live support. That is why I recommend PC Cleaner pro.