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What to do if you turn your computer on and nothing happens

Start here if your computer does not do anything. This means that you do not even hear a fan running, no beeps, no noises, no flashing lights, nothing.

Check to see that the power cord is properly plugged into the computer and wall socket and that the socket has power. It is possible that your computer was moved, and the cord dislodged, or you might have thrown a breaker or fuse.

Loose memory or expansion cards will sometimes be the culprit. Open the case and reseat all the memory, and expansion cards. Simply push down slightly and briefly on them and try to reboot again.
Start here if your computer does not do anything. This means that you do not even hear a fan running, no beeps, no noises, no flashing lights, nothing.
You may have a bad power supply. This is the most common cause of this problem, and is specially suspect if you have had thunderstorms recently. The power supply is the metal box that your power cord plugs into. It is usually mounted to the case by 4 screws and has a bunch of cables going to various places inside your computer. You cannot test anything without a working power supply, so you will need to locate a known working power supply to test with. You may have to borrow one from someone’s working computer.

You may have a bad hard drive. Sometimes a failing hard drive will cause the computer not to boot. Unhook both cables to the hard drives/CDs/DVDs and try to reboot

If none of that works use this troubleshooting procedure:

Lay the computer on it’s side, and open the case.

Pull out all the expansion cards except video (if you have onboard video, pull the video card also), and set them aside.

Take all the cables off of the hard drives, CDROM’s, DVD’s, etc. Don’t pull the cables off the motherboard.

There may be some wires that do not hook to anything, do not worry about these.

There may be two cables going to the motherboard from the power supply, maybe only one. Either way, Unhook them and re-hook them back up. They will have a small catch on the connector that you will have to push in order to remove them.

Do not worry, they will only hook up in one place and only one way.

Pull all but one piece of memory, and test only one at a time.

You should be down now to only the motherboard, processor, 1 piece of memory, and video, and keyboard. Make sure that all connections are nice and tight.

Try to reboot the computer,if it does boot, start adding the removed items one at a time until you find the culprit.

If it doesn’t boot , one of the 5 components listed above is bad.

At this point, if the computer is still not booting, the repair of this computer has gone beyond the scope of this site. Take the computer to your local computer repair shop and follow their advice.

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