Backup Solutions for Small Businesses

Online backup solutions are essential for business owners. But what exactly do online backup services entail, and how can you find the best option for offsite data backup?

Your files are vulnerable; though not only in the way you might think. It doesn’t matter how many security features you have in place to protect your own and your businesses information, if you do not actively and regularly backup your system, all your files are at risk. One of the biggest threats to the integrity of your business’s files is the loss of your documents due to a system crash; power failure; a malfunctioning hard drive; malicious computer viruses; human error or any other event that could corrupt or damage your documents. Off site data backup is a critical component of your business data backup plan.

While most businesses have at least a rudimentary backup system in place (whether it came with their business software or as a requirement of employees to backup their work in some manner) there are still issues that could result in a loss of critical data. In addition, there are a number of alternative backup solutions that can reduce the risk of, for instance, a computer virus corrupting the backed up data (whether in the affected system or a detachable storage system). Many of these solutions are not nearly as complex – or expensive – as you may at first think. When compared to lost productivity and data recovery expenses, they are downright cheap.

If you do not actively backup your files then your files and documents only exist in one location. You are looking at a total loss of the records or files that have been corrupted or mistakenly deleted in the event of fire, flood, or a disgruntled employee.

As a business person, stop right now and ask your self these questions:

If the computer you are working on Right Now suddenly crashed and nothing on it was recoverable, what would you do RIGHT NOW?
If you have more than one computer or server in your business, what would you do if you got a call in the middle of the night telling you that your office had caught fire and was a total loss? What would you do tomorrow?

Would you lose all of your accounts? How much correspondence would be lost? How will you know what customers needed service tomorrow? What shipments are incoming and outgoing, how are you going to do the billing? How are you going to even know your appointments for the week, much less next week or next month?

This is a solid fact:

Over 60% of the business that suffer this type of catastrophic
data loss go out of business within 6 months.

Even if your data is recoverable, this data recovery is VERY expensive. In extreme cases, your hard drives will have to be dissembled in a clean room, have the platters removed and placed into a new casing, then have data recovery software try to recover what it can. This can cost thousands of dollars per hard drive, and you are paying for the ATTEMPT to recover your data, not for the successful recovery of your data. You get ZERO assurance that any of your data is actually recoverable.

I kid around on this website a bit, but I am also a business IT professional. If you are still reading this page, you are interested in how to protect your business by properly backing up your data.