Web Page Maker web site editing software

For now, I am going to cover the least expensive “What you see is what you get” or WYSIWYG editor that I have found. Though simple, it is powerful and easy to use. Stupid Damn Computer is the very first web site I built and I did it with Web Page Maker.

To learn how to use Web Page Maker, read the lower section below:

You can download a free trial of Web Page Maker here:
Web Page Maker Free Trial

If you wish to purchase Web Page Maker for $49.00, you can do so here:
Buy Web Page Maker

If you need to understand a little more about how web sites work in general, go here:
How Web Sites Work

Another one of my stupid sites, www.sldebo.com, has a free information site for small business owners who are thinking about having a web site built for their business. This free site seeks to educate visitors about the various types of web sites and allows people new to the process to get the basics down without a salesman hanging around their neck. Good FREE stuff.

I will soon cover two other web page editors, one called Artisteer, and one called X Site Pro.

Web Page Maker is an award winning web site building program with many advanced features, that is very easy to learn to use. This site is built with Web Page Maker.

The major advantages of Web Page Maker:

It is truly drag and drop
It handles all the graphics chores easily
Handles SEO very well
Lets you see all the pages in your web site in a listing view
Can insert scripts and custom HTML code
You can create your own banners and graphics by using a picture for the banner and layering text on top of it
Learning to use it is a snap
You can use javascript and flash on your site
OK, let’s open it up and take it for a spin:

The registered version of Web Page Maker comes with a larger set of templates and allows you to drop the “generator” tag that tells everyone the page was built with Web Page Maker. This is the only difference between the demo version and the registered version.

By and large the templates are very well made and can be modified to fit your requirements, simply by dragging whatever you want to wherever you want it. You can substitute your own pictures for the ones there, or use the ones provided.

When you open Web Page Maker, you will see the following in your workspace: (I opened a template here)

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